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Professional grade stereo glasses

Allows you to use a computer display to view 3D stereo images. The perfect intelligent built-in stabilization system makes them "smooth and soft". Mathematical adaptive synchronization algorithms - accurate and fast.

Our key advantage:
Suitable for most fast displays with G-Sync technology and vertical polarized screen.
Good stereo image quality.
Durable lightweight plastic housing.
Device Low price.
They contain a powerful menu for adapting to the computer and display with many flexible settings. Multichannel connection, you can use many different glasses in one room.

Why not VR?
VR technology is still far from perfect and it’s still far from a good display with glasses. If you need a beautiful high-resolution picture, you should use glasses.

Quality is important.
The closer the screen is to the viewer, the worse the stereo effect is perceived, this is a fundamental principle. Even on a desktop display, stereo is seriously better than VR.

Convenience is important.
Try playing a couple of hours with a VR bucket on your head, and immediately understand the difference.

Price also important.
Similar in quality VR system will cost about 10 times more expensive.

Watch 3D photo, movies and VR video

If you don’t have a 3D TV in your pocket or you live far from the IMAX 3D cinema, don’t worry. You will be able to enjoy new movies, too. Connect the glasses to your Smartphone and download the video...
More than 300 movies in 3D Stereo!
Snow Queen 2
Spider man
Rogue One
Ready Player On
Kung Fu Panda
Men in black 3
How to watch 3d photo and movies
Attach glasses follow instruction
Open a gallery on any links:
Asakusa Japan
Guandu Temple
Fuji Japan
Download the photo or video files, encoded method "side by side". Open file in the 3D player.
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Play 3D games on your computer.

The glasses are compatible with the interface of video cards Nvidia 3D vision via program driver. This will allow you to have a compatible replacement for Nvidia glasses. Additionally, you can have stereo output from applications using DirectX or OpenGL graphics, and use a 3D stereo mode on a regular computer or notebook.
Enjoy more than 650 games in 3D!
Setup for 3D games
1. Connect our USB 3Dx-dongle to your computer.
2. Install NVIDIA 3D vision controller driver.

The latest driver that supports this technology is version 425.31

3. Next, run the utility supplied with the USB 3Dx-dongle utility "nvdrv-fix.exe". It will fix the configuration of the NVIDIA driver for its successful operation.

4. If you do not see red messages of fatal error warnings from utility "nvdrv-fix.exe", go along the path:
-> "NVIDIA Control Panel"
-> "Parameter Management 3D"

Activate the settings as in the screenshots below:

5. Now go along the path:

-> "NVIDIA Control Panel"
-> "Set stereoscopic mode 3D"
-> "Stereoscopic 3D effects test"
-> "Run test image test"

The display of stereo images should begin. If the glasses do not turn on automatically, then they are "sleeping". Activate by pressing any button on the bow.

Test the quality of the display in the "3D Vision Photo Viewer". The utility will be installed with the NVIDIA 3D vision controller driver. In the folder: "3D Vision preview pack 1", you can select demo stereo *.jps files for viewing. Open the help window by pressing F1 for more information.

Test image quality in the "sView - image Viewer".
Use the following settings:

-> View -> Stereo Output -> Stereo
-> Shutter glasses -> Select device -> Shutter glasses
-> Vertical Sync - On
-> Type of quadbuffer -> select the appropriate
-> Glasses Sync -> No Control

6. If all the tests were successful, you can proceed to configure the games. First of all, it is recommended to check the support of the selected game and the requirements for it in the NVIDIA panel. On the tab "View compatibility with games".

If the game is not in the list of officially supported, try turning on the stereo mode Ctrl + T and adjust the settings with keyboard shortcuts, set in the NVIDIA control panel:
"Set stereoscopic mode 3D"
"Assign shortcuts", Ctrl + F7 saves the settings.

For more information on adapting games, read the profile forums.
Have fun game!

Work in science and design 3D applications

Make complicated work more visual and simpler. Do it a lot faster! Write your own program module for 3D integration in your favorite CAD. Download our SDK, documentation and examples. Learn 3D-API and create your plug-in.

Connecting to a computer

Setup your device:

1. Install the USB and Bluetooth drivers.
2. Do the compatibility check.
3. Install the 3D-player sView
4. In the "sView" choose glasses: "3D-Max".
5. Download 3D video or 3D game

For universal connection to a personal computer or laptop has two different ways:

1. By cable via USB port.
2. Via Bluetooth wireless.

If the computer does not have built-in Bluetooth controller or it and the old version is not compatible. Purchase and use an external USB-BT adapter, version above v4.0, for example productions company 'Broadcom':


Connecting to a smartphone

Setup your device:

1. Do the compatibility check.
2. Install the 3D-player sView
3. Turn on the phone Bluetooth.
4. In the sView" choose glasses: "3D-Max".
5. Download 3D photo or 3D video

Connectivity and synchronization are performed via the built-in phone Bluetooth. All modern smartphones equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 controller version above do not require any extra effort to connect with the glasses. Suffice it to Android settings, turn on Bluetooth module and allow the device to join.

Technical specifications

Operating Systems:
Windows7... Win10
Android from v5.1
Linux - currently not supported
IOS - currently not supported

Supported frame rate: 50fps.. 255fps
Show method: active shutting frame
Charging and power source: +5v
Battery: LiPo 3.6V 55mA/h
Charge current: ~40мА
Charge time: 2..4 hours
Continuous working time: ~12 hours

You are allowed to work and charge at the same time. Any +5 volt power supply is suitable for charging, for example, a USB connector of a mobile phone or a plug-in external power bank. From the computer, charging is done by cable Micro-USB.

High resolution product photo:

Quality limitation:
When using outdated and slow displays with a response time of a matrix more than 10ms and a frame rate of 60 Hz. It becomes quite noticeable ghosting and flicker. Pixels of the array do not have time to switch quickly and regardless of left or right to display a picture, so the left and right angles optically "overlap" in the display surface, causing the appearance of ghosting and plumes.

Unfortunately, due to the imperfections of old equipment eliminate this defect is not possible, and it will degrade image quality irreversibly. The smaller the response time is the matrix our monitor - the better 3D image quality.

You can try to reduce spurious distortions to a minimum. Use a black desktop background color. Darken the room, like in a movie theater, into the eyes should not be exposed to light from external sources. Do not set the maximum image contrast; it slows down the matrix response time.

If it possible, switch and use the frame rate video above 100fps. Glasses fully adaptable and work with any frame refresh rate in the range of from 50 to 255fps.

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