3D Player


The S3D player is designed for displaying 3D photo and 3D movie on Android OS. You can watch 3D show with good quality. It looks like a little 3D IMAX cinema on your smartphone. The player functions solely when paired with S3D glasses. The program is free.


Frame Rates 55.. 250 FPS (Hz)
Display method Switching SBS
Image Format Horizontal Stereo Pair
Glasses Type S3D Glasses
Connection Bluetooth
Operation system Android


So that the image quality is good and flicker-free. Your phone must support frame rates above 80Hz. On phones with 60Hz this will also work, but with significant flicker.

3D Files

Use single picture files for left and right sides. The suffix _l and _r are used like sides identifier. Example: file_l.jpg for left, file_r.jpg for right.

Holographic output

The player support pseudo-holographic show.
It looks like a 3D hologram. You can see an example here: > Portalgraph At the moment we're making software for real-time generation of multi-angle video stream from stereo video. This functionality will be added later.

How To

Open the phone Settings panel. Enable Bluetooth to connect with the glasses. If your phone supports a frame rate higher than 60 Hz, set the frame rate as high as possible. For example, for the Xiaomi 11, you can use from 90 Hz to 120 Hz. Open the Display and brightness settings menu. Find the Refresh Rate parameter and select the 120 Hz option.

Download the 3D picture pack in zip format to the internal memory of your phone. Move the zip file to the Android 'Pictures' directory. Unzip the files. Start the player. It will start showing the 3D show. You can add your own images to the folder. This application is a demonstration of how the technology works. A 3D cinema version will be added later. Many demo pictures can be downloaded from the website Muttyan's Home Page

If you see a white screen

You need to download Demo pictures by link below to your phone's file system. Unzip the archive. Then move files from Downloads folder to the folder: Pictures/3d-pictures/ img-files-here. This can be done using the Cx File Explorer

Regarding Apple devices. Because of the company's hostile policy towards softwares developers, we will not do anything for Apple. Sorry.


Application: Upd: 22 Apr 2024
S3D Player for Android 64 bit arm64-v8a

Demo pictures