The S3D player is designed for displaying 3D photos with active shutter glasses. With it you can set up your computer for 3D stereo with the maximum quality. The program is free.

Parameters and interface

OS: Windows7.. Win10 x86, x64
Display Frame Rate: 75Hz.. 255Hz
Display method: switching side
Format: horizontal stereo pair
Type of 3D glasses: active shutter glasses
Synchronization: USB cable, S3D USB emitter

Button: File

Select single picture files, left and right sides. The suffix _l and _r are used to sides id. Example: file_l.jpg, file_r.jpg

Button: Folder

Show the program the location of the directory with the picture files. The slide show will automatically start.

Buttons: Stop, Pause, Next

Consequently, they control the main modes of operation.

Button: Mono/Stereo

Choice between Stereo and Normal mode.

Button: L/R

Switches the sequence of the Left<->Right perspectives output, if stereo picture files are mixed up or grouped incorrectly.

Stereo control knob

Easy 3D depth adjustment by moving the angles horizontally.

Button: Settings

Opens the interface of the 3D Setup wizard.

How To connecting and configuring the equipment

Detailed description by model. Select the option you need.

Connect S3D Emitter
Connect S3D Glasses
Connect NVIDIA 3D Vision Glasses
Connect DLP Link Glasses

Integration and API

You can integrate the 3D show into your own applications. Ask link to the source code of the player and an example of integration with glasses. Look at the API function file "s3d.h" We give access to examples, SDKs and APIs on request.


Application: Update: 4 April 2024
S3D Player for Windows

Install Microsoft DirectX:
DirectX End-User Runtime
If you already have Microsoft DirectX-10 installed, you can skip this point.

Demo 3D-pictures