TI CC2540

The port of scmRTOS for CC2540 Bluetooth


Host side.
Here released 8051 MCU port for embedded operation system scmRTOS for Texas Instruments CC253x/4xx BLE family. Using RTOS made application code creation more quicker and simply. CC2540 bluetooth Low Energy chip can be used like USB dongle on PC-side, for remote device/tools connection and GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI interface 'cable replacement' emulation.

Development kit


1. Bluegiga BLED112 USB dongle with TI CC2540F128 chip on board.
2. CC-debugger wireless emulator programmer.

How to use

1. Download and install last IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051.
2. From the scmRTOS port main folder open project file *.eww and compile it.
3. Open device cover and connect CC-debugger to USB dongle, then download the example to the chip.
4. Download and install last TI Bluetooth low energy software stack.
5. Install TI SmartRF Studio for BLE stack tests.
6. Make own host application for your task.


Source code:
scmRTOS CC2540 (IAR) ver5.0