The port of scmRTOS for nRF51822 Bluetooth


Client side.
Here released Cortex-M0 port for embedded operation system scmRTOS for Nordic Semiconductor nRF51x BLE family. Using RTOS made application code creation more quicker and simply. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution can be used for UART interface 'cable replacement', tool/device remote control.

Development kit

1. BLE400 board.
2. nRF51822 core with chip nRF51822QFAC on board.
3. J-Link v8 ARM debugger with adapter or similar.

How to use

1. Download and install IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM.
2. Download and install Nordic SDK.
3. Install Nordic IAR plugin from SDK folder.
4. From the scmRTOS port folder "3-channel" open project file *.eww and compile it.
5. By using Nordic utility "nRFgo Studio" do full chip erase.
6. Connect debugger to board and download the example to chip.

Attention: Nordic SDK v11-v12 have problems with BLE GATT server support.
For successful connection with Android OS ver5, use: nRF51_SDK_v10 and: S130 SoftDevice


Source code:
scmRTOS nRF51x (IAR) ver5.0