Remote Servo CAN controller

For controlling the mechanical movement of various parts of robot mechanisms or equipment. This solution has been used for micromirror mass control in optical scientific research. The software reliably manages an array of over 200 nodes over just 4 wires. 1


Any digitally controlled servo machine can be used to connect to the controller. For example the digital EMAX mini servo.

1. 3-pin electrical power and control wire
2. Internal сontroller
3. Rotary sensor
4. Motor
5. Power gear

Specification: ES08MD series

Gear material type:
Rotational Range:
Duty Cycle:
Control Pulse width:
Dead zone:
5V: 27.77 oz-in (2.00 kg-cm)
5V: 0.10 sec/60°
Single Bearing
3 ms
1500... 1900usec
1 us
More detailed about digital servos


All servos are connected in parallel as an array.
They are connected by a single ribbon cable (4 wires) to the USB-CAN adapter and controlled from a computer.



Management and configuration utility.

The user utility "SCPC" control and configure the controller board.

1. Set or get servo gear angle value for any controller in network.
2. Create groups and add/remove devices to synchronous controlled group.
3. Manage CAN communication parameters.
4. Firmware remote update also supported.
The source codes are available and you can customize the app as you need it.

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