The miniature Infection Analyzer is an innovative, portable device designed for rapid, accurate detection of a wide range of infections in humans, animals, and food products. Utilizing Polymerase Chain Reaction technology, it achieves a remarkable 99% accuracy in identifying bacterial, viral, and other infections, including those caused by intracellular parasites, mites, or worms.

Key Features

Rapid Detection: Advanced technology reduces sample testing time to 3-15 minutes.

High Accuracy: Delivers reliable results with a 99% accuracy rate.

AI-Enhanced Analysis: Equipped with AI algorithms trained to recognize multiple infection types.

Portable and Convenient: Compact 114 x 58 x 28 mm, lightweight 300 grams, and powered by a built-in battery or mobile phone power bank, suitable for use in remote or non-laboratory settings. Features a robust, shockproof aluminum casing.

Autonomous Operation: Self-contained with all necessary software, eliminating the need for an external computer.

Use as a Laboratory: in remote communities or villages where access to traditional laboratories is limited.

The excellent accuracy of the reaction profile will surprise even specialists! It is much better than professional stationary equipment. User-Friendly Interface: Features an intuitive control interface and a high-resolution display for clear result visualization. Supports USB and Bluetooth for data transfer and remote monitoring via PC and Android applications. Its compact dimensions and weight make it highly portable and ideal for mobile hospitals.


Parameter Value
Sample slot number 3 Test Tube
Reaction volume 25 uL
Optical sensors 3, Independent, Real Time
Tests at one time 3, Independent scenarios
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.5 ℃
Thermal profile accuracy +/- 0.06 ℃
Light emitters colors Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Light emitters wavelength 450nm, 510nm, 635nm, 670nm
Optical sensor Microspectrometer, 12 channels
Optical resolution 16 Bit dynamic range
Operational voltage 5 Volt
Internal Battery Capacity 4.8 Ah
Battery operation time ~2 Hours
External DC power range from 5V to 48V
Connections Bluetooth, USB
Software for OS Android, Windows
Graphics Display OLED, 24-bit RGB, 320x240
Hardware design Weatherproof version
*Additional information and parameters on request


We give a Application for Windows. To configure and control the device. You can quickly create several test scenarios in it and save them in the device. For example, testing for sexually transmitted infections or detection of parasites in the body. The Android App allows you to monitor and receive the result of the tests in the of graphic files via Bluetooth. You can see the real time testing progress on your cellphone and remote control the sample testing conditions.

Test Kits

Compatible with a wide array of test kits for detecting bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections in various samples. Customizable Test Scenarios. Users can configure multiple test scenarios and save them for repeated use. Compatible with reagents from various laboratory test manufacturers, facilitating easy procurement.

Purchase the reagents or test kits you need and select the desired run scenario from the instrument list. You can buy reagents from various manufacturers. For example, a list for detecting Sexually transmitted diseases The instrument supports quantitative fluorescence analysis. Lipids profile checks can be performed. Measure TH, TG, HDL, LDL cholesterol levels in blood with laboratory accuracy.

How to use

Usage Procedure:
1. Prepare the Test Kit as instructed.
2. Collect the sample and place it in a tube.
3. Prepare a control tube.
4. Insert tubes into the analyzer.
5. Select the test scenario from the menu.
6. Start by pressing the 'Run' button.
7. View results on the device's screen.

How to buy

The analyzer is quite expensive to manufacture. We do not assemble devices "for stock" and start new production only when we have a minimum cost-effective order quantity. In order to be guaranteed to receive the device, you should pre-order it, by paying a deposit of 300 USD. In this case we will purchase the components and reserve the assembly at the factory. If you don't reserve it - nobody will do anything.

We are interested in entering into an agreement for the supply of this equipment. If you have a proposal for co-operation. Please discuss about terms and conditions with support at the contacts below.


mPCR Win App
mPCR Android App

Firmware update: ver3.1
Firmware update file

*Use device serial as a password