Drone Detection and Termination

Our solution for termination small drones, is fast and error-free. Drones, depending on the model and size, are reliably detected from a distance to half kilometer range with a 90% probability of detection. Regardless of altitude and speed. The system consists of 2 parts. The device allows you to protect objects or people from approaching or attacking hostile drones.

1. Detection sensor unit
It is fixed on the protected stationary or mobile object. The size of the device together with the battery is like that of two cigarette packs.

2. Destruction Unit
It can be a small missile
It can be a fast small drone

How Detector Works

The sensor module comprises several different types of detectors operating simultaneously. These include optical sensors for Infrared Radiation and an Acoustic detector with a digital engine sound analyzer. The sensor module detects any type of drone based on the characteristic spectral components of their engine operation, regardless of the communication channels they use for control. During flight, a drone always generates a sound with a specific spectral components, which cannot be hidden, and our analyzer recognises it.

The 3-axis audio sensor are capable of detecting target and calculating the direction to the source. The direction is then loaded into the navigation controller for further precise aiming.

You can build various system versions. The first one comes in the form of a small box with an array of 25mm diameter missiles. It is for protecting around a facility. The second version is a compact portable, the box size about of 4 cigarette packs, for individual protection. It can be attached like a small backpack over the shoulder.

After detecting a drone, the system instantly fires a pair of missiles for guaranteed target destruction. If the first strike misses, several more missiles are fired within 3-4 seconds. Target destruction is monitored by both ground sensors and flight controller sensors. Real-time data exchange between the targeting node and the missile is transmitted in the optical channel.

Navigational controller

Our miniature navigational board can be installed in the any destructor unit. Attach his to flight controller electronic board and the mechanical control drive for the fins are installed directly on top of the rocket engine. The diameter of the pcb is 24mm. Interfaces for interaction with the flight controller are available: 12x GPIO, 2x SPI, 2x I2C. You can configure the data exchange format you need.

We can offer only electronics PCB. You should assemble the finished product yourself.

How it works
On the circuit board, there are several fast microprocessors solving a real-time system of differential equations with dynamically updating data from sensors.

This allows for almost instantaneous calculation of trajectory options and approach parameters to the maneuvering target. After each calculation cycle, the trajectory is dynamically corrected, and control commands are transmitted to the actuators system. The diagram shows a simplified version of the method for calculating movement towards the goal.

In the diagram below, the components of various forces acting on the rocket are shown. They participate in calculating the trajectory according to the algorithm. The final trajectory of motion is depicted in red.

Choose your own engine

The range and speed of drone neutralization depend on the type of rocket engine. You can choose it according to your preferences. You can quickly modify the design to accommodate it. Below, you can see some cheap engines. A wide selection is available on the company Aerospace SP website. Average time to neutralize the drone depends on the distance, ranging from 2 to 6 seconds. The missile engine operates 2... 4 seconds.

How To Buy

1. Contact the support below.
2. Provide all necessary details, specification, quantities, and other customization preferences.
3. Upon ordering, a representative will contact you to discuss details.
4. Also you can buy the doc`s and files to manufacture the equipment yourself.