Quantum research

Laser pulse energy regulator / stabilizer


For quantum physics research. The device is intended to stabilize the energy of laser pulse at a user-specified level. Stabilization is carried out for a single laser source and for groups with different operating wavelengths. Measurements are made fast analog integrator based on Si PIN photodiode. Simultaneously, to the system can be connected 8 laser sources controlled synchronously.

1 The picture show the setup and connection nodes:

1. "Laser array" - single or group of laser sources.
2. "Experemental setup" - physical experiment.
3. "Optical summer" - optical device.
4. "Control board" - laser control board.
5. "Remote intensity sensor" - laser intensity sensor device, placed near the point of measurement.
6. "USB-CAN" - adapter to connect to a personal computer to control or change settings.

Device use in the science lab: Control board Intensity sensor Physical experiment

Control board

Contain the control logic for synchronous starting and stopping lasers by trigger signal from the intensity sensor or hardware TTL or computer. Has a counter for high-resolution digital monitoring pulse duration. Integrated diagnostic system allows remotely monitoring the status of the equipment and the integrity of the cables.

Control board parameters:
• Number of laser channel: 8
• Metering pulse with a precision: 3ns
• Remote configuration and control
• Control cable length max: 100 metres
• Device size: standard racks EuroCard

Remote intensity sensor

Intensity sensor is made on the high-speed photodiode with a bandwidth of 1GHz, that allows you to accurately measure the relative power of the laser pulse. Original circuit design thermostable differential integrator provides high long-term stability of the laser pulse energy parameter. When making device order, you can specify the desired spectral range and operating bandwidth photodiode for sensor. The sensor has an opto-isolated analog part, the analog output for monitoring and pre-start system settings. The sensor can be remotely reprogrammed to calibrate, change operating modes and parameters by PC utility "LPES".

Intensity sensor parameters:
• Channel passband: 1GHz
• Two integrators technology
• Spectral response range: 500-950nm
• Peak sensitivity wavelength: 760nm
• Integrator TAU range: 5 steps x 1024 levels
• Minimum pulse length: 4uS
• Digital configuration and control
• Opto insulated analog section
• Electromagnetic noise resistanced
• Device box size: 82mm x 58mm x 20mm

Management and configuration utility

The utility "LPES" configures the sensor and the control board. "Binding" in a couple of control boards with certain necessary intensity sensor Dynamic loading in control parameter sensors, integration constants, thresholds energy levels of the laser pulse. Able to load algorithms or scripts experiment asked a text description of the user. The utility support remote firmware update.

Adapter to PC

The system is connected to a host computer via USB-CAN adapter


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