Research tool

Three-Axis Gravity sensor


Tool for Quantum physics research. High sensitivity, three-axis magnetic field sensor can be used to measure low magnetic field strengths. The device used for the 3-axis field visualisation applications or as a part of the 3D magnetic field stabilization system.

• Three-axis magnetic sensor hybrid
• Precision 3-axis capability
• Channel passband: 10Hz.. 20kHz
• Digital out: 3-channel x 16-bit
• Degaussing alghoritm: auto/manual
• Dynamic range: ±40 u-gauss to ±2 gauss
• Very low magnetic material content
• Temperature range: -40° to +85°C
• Remote access and tuning from the PC
• Sensors mode: array (network)
• DC power: +6.. +15 Volt
• Electromagnetic noise resistance
• Device pcb size: 90mm x 25mm x 12mm


The device was used in Active feedback control of magnetic field for cold strontium experiment to stabilise the magnetic field from external influences. For example from switching on lifts in a building or moving vehicles near.
Assembly of the sensors in a group (network) allows to read simultaneously the magnetic field vector at a given point. The magnetic field information can be converted to 16-bit digital code, which provides pre-processing and filtering capabilities. The magnetic field data, together with the data from other similar sensors are transmitting to the multichannel digital PID controller via real-time CAN communication bus.

Structural diagram structure
Coils with field sensing devices, 6 channel PID regulator and feedback.

Experimental Setup
sensor array
Example of use in the experimental installation science lab. Between the magnetic field correction solenoids, gravity sensors (probe) are installed near the target. You can see them, they're green coloured PCBs

You can read more in the publication Bi-color atomic beam slower and magnetic field compensation


The utility "GSPC" is used for the sensors service. Each sensor can be individually programmed, calibrated and configured via remote access. This utility has an additional graphics DirectX oscilloscope to monitoring in real time the magnetic filed strength and show field spectrum. The utility supports remote firmware update. The API interface support to control devices array directly from experimental software or Labview.

Connect to PC
The system is connected to a host computer via USB-CAN adapter


GSPC.exe (Win)

Circuits and doc:
Gravity sensor sch
Gravity sensor PCB
Cable connection sch
Chip HMC1001, HM1002

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