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The S3D Bluetooth glasses version allows you to use most conventional computer displays and laptops to view quality stereo images.

Our key benefits.
Simple and not expensive. But thanks to sophisticated software, they give excellent image quality. The glasses will fit most desktop displays and laptops. You can customize your equipment for the best stereo image quality. Use our demo player, it contains a wizard Adaptive displays with a lot of flexible settings. User-friendly interface will make the work quick and pleasant.

Our S3D USB emitter additionally supports glasses from other companies: Nvidia, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Epson. Chinese DLP Link will also work, but with some quality degradation. Each model has its own individual tweak from the menu.

Independent operation, you can use up to 40 stereo PCs in one room. For example in computer game centers. Supports "broadcasting" mode for grouping players together. Manual selection of communication channel and power No interference is possible.

Why not VR?
VR is not convenient. If you want a good picture and comfort, should have to use the glasses and the display.

Quality is important.
The closer the screen is to the viewer, the worse the stereo effect is perceived, This is a fundamental optical principle. Therefore, on a desktop display, the stereo is much better than the VR.

Comfort is important.
Try playing a couple of hours with a heavy VR box on your head, and immediately you'll see the difference.

Price is important.
A similar quality VR system will cost about 8 times more.

Watch 3D photos, movies and VR videos

If you don't have a 3D TV or an IMAX theater not too far away, don't feel bad. You too will be able to enjoy the novelties. Connect the glasses to your computer, download the movie...

More than 300 movies in 3D Stereo!
World War
Ice Age 4
Despicable Me 2
Gods of Egypt
Hotel Transv 2
Lion King
3D photos and movies
Open the photo gallery:
Asakusa Japan
Guandu Temple
Fuji Japan

Download video files encoded using the method "side by side".
Open them in the 3D player.

Youtube 3D Side By Side
The Best 3D online
AVS 3D Content
3D Movie List
Total 3D
3D Demo Movies

Play 3D games on your computer

The glasses are directly compatible with the original NVIDIA 3D vision driver. This allows you to support existing 3D games without upgrading them. Use our S3D USB emitter instead of the NVIDIA "pyramid".
Enjoy over 650 games in 3D!
Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision
1. Connect the S3D USB emitter to your computer.
2. Download the 3D Fix Manager driver installer.
3. Install NVIDIA 3D vision driver.
4. Set up the display and glasses for 3D.
5. Install and configure the game.
Detailed description: Integration with NVIDIA
Have fun a game!

Connecting glasses to a computer

1. Install the USB driver driver
2. Install the player S3D DX10
3. Press "Settings" to select the model of glasses
4. Configure the display: "Display 3D customization"
5. Adjust glasses: "S3D Glasses"
6. Download 3D photo/video or install 3D games

For universal connection of glasses to a computer or laptop, there are two ways to:

1. Via USB cable.
Connect the glasses to the PC via micro USB cable.
Press any button on the glasses to wake up.
The S3D emitter is not needed in this case, but the cable is not convenient to use.

2. Via wireless connection.
Connect the S3D USB emitter adapter to the computer.
Press any button on the glasses to connect.
S3D USB emitter

3D players

Try our demo player
. With it you can configure and set up your computer to work with 3D with the highest possible quality.

Download 3D-pictures
Free S3D DX10

The demo version shows only pictures, video output is not supported. After configuring, you can use other programs for video, other programs you want to use.

Additional players.
Free sView
Paid Stereoscopic Player
Free 3D Vision Video Player

Consider: third-party player software that uses the NVIDIA interface, without S3D USB emitter can not work with active glasses.

Technical parameters

Operating systems:
Windows7... Win10 x86, x64
Android - v5.1
Linux - porting in progress

IOS - Apple will not be supported

Display frame rate: 50Hz. 250Hz
Display method: Switching perspectives
Lens polarization: Vertical
Charging and Power Source: +5v
Battery: LiPo 3.6V 55mA/h
Charging time: 2...4 hours
Continuous work time: ~8 hours

It is allowed to work and charge simultaneously. Any +5 volt power source will do for charging, Cell phone USB port or plug-in external battery. The charging is carried out via the Micro-USB cable.
High resolution photo of the device:

Driver Download and files