International delivery

We send orders to different countries of the world by reliable postal services. For approximate shipping costs, use the online calculator below.

Dear customers. Item currently out of stock.
Sorry, everything kits is sold. Due to the viral crisis
the next will be ready at the end of September 2020.

Shipping Calculator:
Select the number of items and the country of delivery from the list. Several possible forwarding options will be selected.


About delivery:
Calculator ignores the many nuances and outputs the average prices for sending small packets weighing up to 2 kg of the aircraft. If you wish, you can choose the most convenient or advantageous version of yourself. To do this, click on the links oncompany websites to select tariffs. Then notify our department the selected option sales.

Usually delivery takes within 8-12 business days, with FedEx for about 2-3 day. For regions: Middle East, South America it may take 4-5 business days.

Complaints and damage:
If the accepted product was damaged during delivery and inoperable, you can exchange it within 2 weeks to a new, without any additional payment. Costs of two side delivery paid by the buyer.

Return policy:
If the goods do not you came, return it to the seller. We fully refund the cost if:

The device has no mechanical and operational damages. The plastic surface of the housing and details have presentation without abrasions and scratches.

If there is mechanical damage, we subtract the cost of the damaged units and the cost of work on recovery.

Costs of delivery and reverse financial transfer paid by the buyer.

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